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Jill Hughes

Reiki Master,  Energy Healer, Intuitive Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher, doTerra Advocate, Holistic Health Practitioner


Hello everyone!  I am Jill Hughes.  I have had some powerful and intriguing twist along my path that have lead me to my work here at Light Touch Healing Arts.  I am pleased to see your path has lead you here as well.  We are eager to assist you further onto a path of well being for your body, mind, and spirit!  

I worked 17 years in state government, the majority as an office manager.  I had your average life, married with children, home maker, and a career. Well, until 2014 that is, when I had an enlightening experience that could be referred to as nothing less than a spiritual awakening.  Since this time my life has been anything but average.  Through this experience I gained much insight into spirituality, energy, and healing accompanied by a host of spiritual gifts.  My life changed drastically internally and externally.  This began my path as what many know as a "Lightworker", which is one who uses God's light to help others.  I began a Facebook group that grew quickly and my insight was sought out by individuals in well over 20 countries.  My vibration and connection to the divine has soared along this journey and landed me here at Light Touch Healing Arts.  All in preparation for me to share my light, insight, love of essential oils and natural healing crystals, wisdom of life force energy, and holistic approaches with you!  

Jill provides Reiki Sessions, Ultimate Healing Sessions. Intuitive Life Coaching, Wellness Consultations,  Essential Oil Education, and Spiritual Energy Education and Workshops. 

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